It turns out that the greater you are receiving sustanon 350 of androgens, the higher the hormone sensitivity of the muscles, the harder muscles. Thus, it is possible the dream of every bodybuilder – there is a continuous routine of anabolic, whereas the muscle without steroids show just sporadic growth. According to statistics, the muscle is really actively “growing” 3-5 days for 3-month teaching routine. Androgens may be similar not only to “their” receptors. feel where you have the key to a door, but via turnin

g it slightly in another castle, and you do open it. Because androgens are similar furthermore with the catabolic receptors “designed” to glucocorticoids. And by way of this there is an anti-catabolic effect. Some scientists feel that the main effect of anabolic steroids is precisely in a fact that they block the same receptors and act as an anti-catabolic.